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Archive for June, 2015

dental websites

7 Tips to Make High Producing Dental Websites

You need a website for your dentistry practice. Maybe it is a new website or maybe you want to redesign it to create a better image or get more new patients. You are trying to figure out…

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local internet marketing

Local Internet Marketing Can Grow Your Practice

The more effective you can be with your local internet marketing program, the more your practice can grow. Sounds pretty basic, doesn’t it? And it is a simple concept.  The execution is what involves time and money…

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dental website marketing

Have Business Websites Become a Commodity?

We all see the ads on TV advertising free websites for your business. Does this mean that the days for custom built business websites have come to an end. It seems very attractive to be able to…

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Online Dental Marketing

Online Dental Marketing Made Simple

You know that, as a dentist, prospective patients are searching for you online or will “check you out” online before they call for an appointment.  Your online dental marketing can make or break you in terms of…

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