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Brand Monitoring/Reputation Management For Doctors

Healthcare Strategy Consulting to Create a Strategic Plan Do you believe that your medical practice “brand” is not important? It’s only a factor for larger businesses? While brand management is typically used for larger companies, your practice brand is important, because it relates directly to your perceived position in your local marketplace, your authority, so to speak.

Focusing on your brand monitoring is a factor in and a result of good reputation management for doctors.
As you may be aware, Google changed things dramatically for almost all local businesses in June, 2012. At that time, a local business’ “reputation” suddenly became available for almost anyone to find online.

And if you have a bad reputation (as evidenced by negative online reviews) or no reputation (as evidenced by few to none reviews online, even if the few reviews you may have are all positive), we believe you’re seen in the local marketplace as one who either doesn’t care about your reputation or as one who doesn’t see the importance.
Either of these can diminish your brand position, how you see yourself and position yourself.

From a competitive standpoint, if you have a competitor or competitors who have a good reputation, you are placing yourself at a competitive disadvantage. Remember that what you say about yourself palls in significance to what others say about you.

Over the past several years we’ve worked with hundreds of practices to establish, position, and increase their reputation, with the direct result of improving their brand position in their marketplace. This process includes multiple steps, techniques, and processes. Included is a continuous process of gathering data from a number of online directories for reviews about your practice. This “brand monitoring” process gives you an up-to-date picture about how your patients see you. This also lets your prospective patients see the same information.

The advantages of your taking this approach can be huge. When people find you online you are seen as an authority, removing any potential doubt a prospective patient could have in contacting you. And, if you have a continual process in place, you can distance yourself ahead of your competitors, sometimes even creating a sustainable competitive advantage.

Have a question about how your brand monitoring or our system of reputation management for doctors can impact your practice? Schedule a complimentary 15 minute preliminary interview where we can review your current situation and give you ideas to help you improve it.