Brand Reputation Management For Your PracticeWhat is your brand?  What is your reputation?  Brand reputation management is a way of thinking about and managing how you want to position your practice in your local marketplace. These two combined represent how you are seen in your marketplace and will impact to some degree how effective your marketing and advertising are received.

There is good news and bad news.

The good news is that you can (and need) to take a very proactive approach to your brand reputation management.  When you do the results can be very positive for your practice.

The bad news is that if you choose to just “let things happen” more likely than not the results will be neutral to negative.

In the online world, with increasing numbers of your prospective patients checking you out before they see you the first time, you can no longer afford to “let things happen.”  The chances are very good you have at least one local competitor who “gets it” in terms of creating a great, what we call 5 Star, reputation in the market.

In conversations with hundreds of physicians and dentists, I find this is what they want…a 5 Star reputation in the marketplace.  How about you?

What do you do when a friend, neighbor, or relative tells you about a local business?  If you’re like over 90% of us, you “Google” it.  Maybe you’re looking for directions, the qualifications of the business, etc.  It really doesn’t matter.

When you search online today for a local business, you will also see their reputation.  In many cases, Google shows it in a star rating system, hence the term, 5 Star reputation.  Generally, a lower than 4 or 5 Star rating means “stay away.”

This same thing is happening when your patients tell their friends, neighbor, or relative about your practice.  They’re first checking you out online.

What are they finding?  Are they seeing a large number of very positive reviews?  Or, are they seeing some negative reviews (pulling your rating down), or just as bad, no reviews.

Paying attention to this and proactively building the number of 5 Star reviews for your practice is the way to increase your reputation, your brand, and an effective method of brand reputation management. More on Brand Reputation Management for medical, dental and chiropractic practices.