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Business Process Consulting

Nearly every medical practice has some inefficiency in it; the hard part is pinpointing where they come from. That’s where Developing Winners Associates, DWA, comes into play. Our business process consulting focuses on how the medical practice functions as a whole. We start with reviewing the front office functions, patient wait times, call management, patient scheduling, rooming the patients,   and how long they spend with the doctor.  We review your technology platforms, EHR and billing processes to determine if the practices is optimizing their functionality. These studies tell us a lot about how efficient your medical practice really is.   We look at how we can improve on every aspect of your medical practice, from redundancy to scheduling conflicts.

Once the full assessment is complete, DWA will provide a comprehensive recommendation of areas that can be improved along with an action plan for workflow efficiency.

Our business process consulting will allow you to make the most of every person and process within your practice, giving the benefit of more time with each and every patient. Ready to find out more? Complete the form above to learn what we can do for your medical practice.