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Change Management Consulting For Your Practice

Is the economy continuing to cause you to be discouraged about the future of your practice? The indicators seem to be indicating a turn around yet your revenue is still down, the employee morale is struggling, and you are looking for answers. You came to this web page because you are looking for specific change management process utilized by a top change management consulting team.

The good news is with the correct marketing and sales plan laid out with the proper systems and metrics helping you analyze what’s really going on in your business, you can experience significant upward movement in your revenue and grow your business quickly. Real practice change management is all about making that happen now! You might even consider joining a mastermind coaching group and work through your issues with like minded executives.

The practice change management process is simple. Your Developing Winners Practice Change Management Consulting Team will do a complete diagnostic of your sales and marketing plan and the systems and metrics connected with each initiative. Often during our audit process we will uncover leadership development issues that will improve your sales and marketing through a complete diagnostic of your metrics and systems. Next, the diagnostic direction shifts to your management team, to ensure the recommendations suggested will be thoroughly and effectively implemented by your team.

For example, your patient load is down 20% and you are unsure why. Our Practice Change Management Consulting Team is highly trained to dig deep with you and determine where your clients are coming from (most practices cannot answer this question thoroughly and concisely, can you?). Once we determine that we compare the data to see where you are spending you marketing dollars and if the results do not match up to the expenditures, then we suggest immediate and decisive changes. It is now up to your management team to take action! That is real and decisive change and a big part of the change process.

Next, we take a look at the appointments being set by your front office team as a result of obtaining new leads. We agree on acceptable appointment percentages and then we dive into the issues that arise. Often, we will assist your sales team in developing role-play and hot seat scenarios to bring out the best practices that your sales people have developed. These practices then get integrated into your change management process as the key point is locking down on the issues that do need change. We will often analyze your management team to determine if they are the ones to take your company to the next level.

Finally, we audit and analyze the closing ratio of your front office team. Are they playing a vital role on getting you new patients?

It’s been said that numbers don’t lie and well, they don’t. IF you set the numbers then it is up to your management team to ensure they are carries out by paying close attention to the back end systems and metrics which are so vital to a growing organization.

At DWA we take change management seriously. Usually it revolves around sales and marketing, but not always, and we stand ready to assist you in whatever your practice change management consulting needs are through a well-developed change management process. Please ask for a free mini-MRI by giving us your information in the box on this page or join us for our Build Your Business Hour by becoming a member for free and let our DWA team work with you on your change management needs today.