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Dental Internet Marketing/Medical Internet Marketing

who-we-are As a dentist or physician you know that today many of your prospective patients use the Internet to find you. They are either searching for the solution you offer or finding out about your practice – your location, driving directions, phone number, your qualifications, etc.

The question is this: are your dental internet marketing or medical internet marketing efforts making you easy to find and giving your prospective patients the information they need?
In working with hundreds of dentists and other medical professionals we often find their internet marketing efforts are lacking.

By lacking we mean:

  1. The website cannot be easily found through normal Internet (including mobile) search.
  2. Contact information (phone number, e.g.) and driving directions/maps are either non-existent or not easily found.
  3. The website is not clear in communicating what a prospective patient is to do next.
  4. And so on..

Your prospective patients are busy (just as we all are). If your website makes it difficult for them to find the information they need, they will hit the “back” button on their browser and go to someone else. We’re in a very competitive world, and once someone hits the “back” button, it’s likely they’ll never return. Which means they won’t make the phone call you’re looking for.

Over the last several years we’ve developed a number of processes which solve this problem.
It starts with assessing your existing situation. How easily can your website be found online (again, including mobile)? When a visitor clicks through to your website is it very clear and obvious how to contact you? Do you offer helpful information on your website, information that your prospective patient will find valuable in determining your qualifications, your authority as a dentist or other medical professional? Is it clear to the visitor what you want them to do?

Depending upon your existing situation, we then develop solutions to move you from where you are to where you want to be. There is no “one solution” as we’ve found different professionals have different business objectives. In this sense you receive recommendations and a solution tailored to your practice.
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