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Dental Internet Marketing/Dental Website Marketing

Dental Website Marketing Let’s assume you want to grow your dental practice. You obviously have a patient referral program in place. While this can cover the offline world well, you also want to take full advantage of what the Internet offers you.
Dental Internet marketing, including your dental website marketing is a component of your overall marketing that you want to optimize for your practice.

Over the past several years, in talking and/or working with hundreds of dentists, we have found a number of problem areas when it comes to dental internet marketing:

  1. The website can’t be found in organic and “local” search – prospective patients are bypassing you and going to your competitors.
  2. Although your site may be found, your online reputation has a low or no score relative to your competitors – did you know that Google and other directory websites now publicly show your reputation score?
  3. When someone gets to your website, it is not well laid out so that your prospective patients can easily find what they’re looking for – your prospective patients are, like all of us, impatient when it comes to being online, and many of them will move on to another website.
  4. You aren’t taking advantage of the myriad of other methods available to you to generate prospective patient website traffic – it’s a lot more than search.
  5. You aren’t taking advantage of social media and other online communication channels to reach those prospective patients who don’t always go first to search engines.

Other problem areas exist, but these top five cover most of the areas.

To be frank, you are “leaving money on the table” if your dental internet marketing and dental website marketing are not optimized. And if you have local competitors who really understand the power of the Internet, you may be leaving a lot of money on the table.

We’ve been fortunate to have developed a number of solutions for these problems, including: increasing local internet presence for organic search and local search, establishing and improving your local online reputation, improving the conversion of your website, website traffic generation including paid traffic and retargeting (getting your visitors to return to your website), and implementing social media strategies to expand your message across these channels.

What’s this mean to you? Increased traffic to and conversion for your website so that your practice grows.

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