Your business website can either be WWW or the non-WWW version. Is one better than the other? Are there guidelines to guide your choice?

The answer is it can be either one. Your business website can either be WWW or the non-WWW version. This really comes down to your personal preference. As far as SEO goes, it absolutely makes no difference. Choose the one that makes you more comfortable… Then stick with it.

The general public is more comfortable starting a web address with WWW so WWW has become the most popular. But non-WWW is also correct. Advocates of non-www will say “www. Is a useless piece of information” and why include this in your URL?

So what’s wrong with having both on your business website?

The Problem: Both the WWW or the non-WWW version are treated as completely separate versions of your website. If you have both, they are almost always treated as duplicate content of each other and cause indexing problems with the search engines. This will hurt search rankings.

Each version of your website will attract valuable inbound links. Some links will be to the WWW version and some will be to the non-WWW version. Splitting the inbound links greatly weakens both versions.

Test Your Business Website

How to detect: Do a manual test of your website to make sure a redirect is in place. First go to your website at (in the address bar of your browser). If your website automatically switches to then a redirect is in place and your website is fine. If your website comes up with try switching it to It should automatically redirect back to

How to fix: You will want to redirect from the WWW to the non-WWW, or vice versa. This way if the wrong version is entered in, the visitor is automatically taken to the correct URL. The type of redirect will vary based on your web server. Please see instructions on how to implement a 301 redirect.