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Healthcare Strategy Consulting

Healthcare is Changing

Do you have enough time to run your medical practice and see into the future? Most would answer with a resounding ‘no’.  As we are all too aware, the delivery and reimbursement for medical practices have changed dramatically in the past few years.  Physicians have gone from being responsible for the direct patient care based on their best medical assessment to delivering care according to the strict standards and reimbursements limits imposed by insurance carriers and regulatory authorities.

Medical practices are being deluged with insurance company demands to meet new regulatory, reporting and service requirements, most often without reimbursement.  It’s overwhelming for many practices to just keep up with all new these demands.   Survival becomes the primary focus instead of delivering high quality care BEFORE YOU GET TO THAT POINT DWA can help you develop a strategy from reactive to proactive by looking to your bigger picture for options.

DWA offers strategic solutions that address the main causes, not just the symptoms, to what is challenging your practice.  Even a problem that looks financial often turns out to be grounded in operational and program service issues, and vice versa. DWA brings program, financial, and administrative managers together to craft strategic solutions that are satisfactory to—and owned by—all departments.

DWA offers a variety of approaches to strategic and fiscal planning that are best suited for each client and may include:

  • Exploring the practice strengths and weaknesses in programs, operations and service lines
  • Assessing various programs and service lines by analysis of financial performance, viability, and relative demand
  • Assessing the skills and competencies of the workforce in order to meet the current practice requirements
  • Workflow studies to identify gaps in technology or processes
  • Retreats and management brainstorming sessions, staff training sessions to solicit input on strategic business goals, and new program directions

Through our strategic consulting, you will have a better understanding of where you are today, where you desire to be in the future and a specific plan of action to achieve your goals.  Since no one can see into the future, we can help you better prepare for what is on the horizon.

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