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HIPAA Consulting

Is your medical practice fully HIPAA compliant? Would you know if you weren’t? At Developing Winners Associates, DWA, we are specifically trained to know which HIPAA regulations pertain to your medical practice, and how to go about ensuring your compliance.

Our consultants that are skilled in HIPAA compliance will observe your practice, and address anything that could raise questions about your level of compliance. We will assure that each person that could come into contact with personal patient information is fully trained and understands the requirements. We verify that you are getting the information you need from your patients, including permissions on who you can share the information with, how it can be shared, and what purposes you may need to share that information for. We will review the systems you have in place to protect each patient you hold personal information on, including the processes you use for information disposal once that information is no longer needed.

We understand how important HIPAA compliance is for your medical practice, so we stand behind our work and ensure that you can then guarantee your patients that their information will be kept confidential and protected, and then disposed of, when appropriate, in a manner that assures compliance.

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