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Practice Process Improvement

Your practice has experienced growth and then you settled back into old patterns and you saw all of the gains that you made erased in a relatively short time. Sound familiar? This is what often happens in our pursuit of practice process improvement and is the result of what is called constraints of the leader, the sales and marketing, or the operations. Either way, you need a practice process analysis from a trained operations consulting team and that’s why you came to Developing Winners Associates.

These constraints may be a result of your sales, or maybe your practice marketing. Sometimes it can be a result of systems that are lacking or metrics that are simply not tracked or followed.

Or, it can just be a result of you, the leader, who is unable to take the company to the next level without high-level business consulting or coaching. You have come to DW for business process improvement and a business process analysis summary which can be provided through a few steps.

Practice Process Analysis

thumbnail_canstockphoto13671842_1060770970_1375327039 Typically, your DWA consultant will work with you to determine the practice process improvement particular to the unique needs of your business. Usually, we can narrow it down to sales and marketing and the systems and metrics attached to each initiative.

Your small business consulting expert will take you through an extensive audit to determine your sales and marketing strategy. We call it the “Core Three” and we dive into analyzing your web presence, market education, public relations strategy, advertising success and failures, use of literature, direct mail initiatives, and your personal marketing philosophy. We analyze these 7 “KEYS” of marketing and deliver a strategy for improvement.

Next we look at the steps to the sale and discover how your leads are coming in, and how your sales staff is setting appoints and to what rate they are successful. Finally we discover the revenue your sales staff is actually producing and we are not afraid to break it down and hold people accountable if necessary. We also include a comprehensive analysis of your up sell and cross sell strategy as well as discovering how you reactivate clients and work referrals. Combined, it all concludes in a review which reveals what is keeping your business from growing.

Finally we analyze your leadership and determine what issues are causing you and your company not to excel at the level you wish.

Practice Process Improvement

The improvement your practice comes from high-level business process analysis. That means we work with you to break down each sales and marketing initiative and make sure you have the correct system and metric to match it. This is not easy and most businesses or practices don’t do it correctly and it will cause you to lose revenue. How are you really doing in this area?

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