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Dr. Jon Sarver

jon Dr. Jon Sarver is a highly successful entrepreneur with over 29 years of experience of leadership ranging from nonprofits to internet based businesses with many having faith based overtones. In 2011 Dr. Sarver was recognized as a Master Executive Coach for Business Breakthroughs International which to date is the highest level coaching rank available.

Jon has the unique ability to claim successful businesses in small rural towns and large cities alike. He has a track record of laying the groundwork for growth and vitality as several of his businesses have lasted far beyond the average and many exist today, decades after they were founded. His role with BBI has lead to the same kind of diverse client range, ranging from the largest industrial home cleaner in the greater L.A. area to several startups located all over the United States and the world.

He has also enjoyed a fundamental role in developing leadership education and cutting edge mentoring in several institutions of higher education. In fact, in several cases he was called in to develop a program that was relevant to the “real” needs of the “learning” leader. All of these programs have become known for their practical application to theory and Dr. Sarver’s role was to hold each leader’s feet to the fire to produce results in nonprofit and for profit environments.

Dr. Sarver has leveraged this skill in the BBI environment by conducting leadership training classes and overseeing several Mastermind “think tank” groups developed specifically to enable his clients to get to the next level.

Jon has been teaching and coaching the “spirit” of the 12 core business strategies 24 years in the church, para-church and business communities.

How can I help you?

It’s all about your leadership lid. If your leadership level is a “6” and you have a “10” work ethic, no matter how hard your work you’ll never take the company to the level you need in marketing and sales no matter what you do. It’s called the Law of the Lid and you can read about it in John Maxwell’s “21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”.

My goal is to work with you congruent to the marketing and sales initiatives we develop, to coach you to truly lead your company into the next level using the skills needed for today’s unique leadership needs. In today’s volatile economy you have to be on the very front edge of the wave or you lose. My desire is to help you get to the top and stay on top is a sustaining way.

Because the truth is, “everything rises and falls on leadership”.

What others are saying…

Steve McCarthy
President/CEO | Elarasys Worldwide

To whom it may concern, our company is in the IT hardware business and we have focused on certain key areas that will fuel a higher growth rate going forward. Jon Sarver is proving to be an energized advocate for focused change. In particular, modifying the hiring process, creating a thorough game plan to educate prospects vs. a traditional frontal sales approach and enhancing the value proposition to more clearly express the benefits we bring to customers. I have confidence that Jon’s efforts as our coach will lead to significantly higher growth results for our firm.

Nancie Brown, President
Nancie Brown & Associates, Inc.

Thank you for guiding us through the DVD’s all the way to the development of our central marketing message. I know that we haven’t completed everything yet, but it’s on my heart to let you know how invaluable your analysis and instruction has been to our team. We are looking forward to you guiding us to the next level of transformation!

Craig Rabe
President | The Computer Cafe

I wholeheartedly recommend Jon Sarver as a coach and business consultant. Jon has a take-charge attitude and subtle-yet-confident approach that resulted in his being an immediately asset to our management team when we first engaged his services in January 2010. Jon is creative and possesses the rare talent of being able to ask the right questions necessary to communicate his ideas and their associated benefits effectively. Jon understands the consulting program and his coaching skills have been very helpful to us. Simply put, he gets results!

Arthur S. Lazerow
Chairman of the Board | Alban Inspections, Inc.

Jon has our company’s best interest at heart and he has always made time for a consultation with me and with my executive staff. His advice has been brilliant, he spent three days with our staff onsite and quickly came to understand our strengths and weaknesses and has from that time helped us build towards a more profitable, sustainable future.