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Local Internet Marketing/Medical SEO Services

Your prospective patients are checking you out online.

medical-websites This can either result from a referral that one of your existing patients give a friend, associate or family member or because a prospective patient searches online for the solution you offer.

Your local internet marketing can have a direct impact on how successful your practice continues to grow.
Medical SEO services are one component of your local internet marketing.

This is part of increasing your local internet presence. Also included are your Google Local position, ranking in search for videos about your practice, having an active reputation marketing program in place, etc.

But, your local internet marketing includes more than just your local online presence. Here are several other important questions for which you need answers:

  1. How much web site traffic are you getting?
  2. From where is your website traffic coming? Are you focused only on “free” search for traffic?
  3. Do you have a program in place to get people who visit and leave your website (some estimates are as high as 95%) to return?
  4. How well does your website convert? That is, what percentage of your website visitors take the action you want them to take?
  5. How easy is it for your website visitors to easily find information on your website that is important to them?

There are many more questions to address, but hopefully you get the picture. How much do you really know about your local internet marketing?

We have, since 2008, focused on answering these and other questions for local businesses, including medical SEO services. The challenge is that things are changing so fast it’s sometimes a challenge even for us (and this is a full time focus for us) to stay current. To say that this is a dynamic, fast-changing situation is a vast understatement.

And most interestingly, the dynamic nature of things ensures that many techniques we were using only a year ago have changed; they just don’t work anymore.

Is this a challenge for you? Are you on top of things in your local internet marketing program?

If you have questions, schedule a complimentary 15 minute preliminary interview with us. We can review your current situation and give our thoughts about how you can improve things for your practice.