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Practice Marketing Planning

marketing planning You’ve got a great idea but you don’t know how to take it to market. Or, your practice has stalled because of lagging patient visits. You wonder, “Is it my marketing or sales or possibly both?” You need to focus on Practice Marketing Planning and maybe you need a Practice Marketing Consulting team to help guide your practice to profitability.

There are two very important elements of long-term practice building that you need in order to make sure your practice is thriving for years. A solid and well thought out marketing plan with a Developing Winners Consultant will help to ensure all the pre-planning and plan implementation strategies you need.

Every initiative that you develop with your Developing Winners consultant will revolve around your educational marketing strategy. A great educational market plan revolves around “educating” your client about your competitive advantages. This education eventually drives that client to you as the answer to their pain or confusion about what choices to make in the marketplace.

Together, with your DWA consultant, you will transfer the tactics just developed (the education plan just designed) to your marketing plan checklist and that becomes the game plan for the next 12 months to spur your business growth.

The Key Focus Areas In Developing Your Practice Marketing Plan Will Be:

Web Presence

Your DW Marketing Plan Consultant will analyze your company website to determine if it is optimized for lead conversion as well as take a look at your Search Engine Optimization strategy and pay per click plans among other items. Your video presence will be analyzed as well. YouTube is huge and you need to be using videos on your site. Are you?

Finally, if you are not blogging, you need to. Blogging adds new content to your website and ensures a higher ranking and more relevance. So make sure you add the blog to your site and start blogging today and watch the lead conversions come through.

Market Education

This is where the education component of market plan checklist comes into play. Together with your DWA consultant you will develop education seminars and webinars and train that perspective client on what they need to look for in a company that will meet their needs.