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Medical Practice Assessment

Physicians understand the importance of routine health checkups, however many practices have little time to do a Practice Checkup.  You may have concerns about specific areas of your Medical Practice, such as your revenue cycle, collecting accounts receivable, staff productivity, process efficiencies or payer and vendor contracting.  You may have a more urgent need for a broader view of your business that includes a complete review of all areas in your organization and benchmark against what it requires to be an organized, stable, and successful healthcare company. In either case, a professional Medical Practice Assessment has the power to move your business operations from where they are … to where you want them to be.

DWA is a qualified third party who can effectively assess all or specific area of your medical practice which can uncover a number of missed opportunities, and potential legal and regulatory exposure. Our goal is to also provide a strategic solution and direction for your business as the challenges with reimbursement, regulatory and market pressures that continue confront today’s practitioner.

Get answers to questions like …

  • What are the most profitable services that I provide?
  • How do I know if I am being reimbursed based on my contract?
  • Should my medical practice collections be higher?
  • Are my labor costs too high?
  • How do I measure staff productivity?

Our Medical Practice Assessments can be tailored to focus on a specific function of your operations, i.e.  documentation, coding, billing and collections. Or we can provide a full “top-to-bottom” review of your business’s financial, human resource and administrative activities.

DWA healthcare specialists will custom tailor our work plan based on the specific needs and nature of your healthcare business. Most of our assessments typically would focus on these common areas that include …

Typical Medical Practice Assessment 

  • New patient intake
  • Check-in and check-out
  • Medical documentation and coding practices
  • Application of select practice performance benchmarks
  • Medical Compliance
  • Revenue Cycle
  • Human resources
  • Referral development
  • Web presence & reputation
  • Financial and patient activity
  • Profitability
  • Service Line Profitability
  • Staff Productivity

If you think that your medical practice is due for a “Practice Checkup”, contact us using the form above or give us a call. We think you’ll be happy you did.