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Medical SEO Services/Dental SEO Marketing

thumbnail_canstockphoto12583904_581581081_1374544318 Are you familiar with the term medical SEO services? Or, if you’re a dentist, do you understand Dental SEO marketing?

We find many misconceptions or misperceptions exist about either of these terms, particularly in the local marketplace.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Technically, this is all about getting your website ranked “organically” in Google and other search engines (primarily Google) when prospective patients type in keywords related to your practice (e.g., orthopedic surgeon, dental implants). These keywords generally relate to the service or solution you provide in your practice.

Many doctors and dentists with whom I’ve spoken over the years think “it’s all about SEO.” For the local business, this is a big misconception.

The reality is that “organic” ranking is only one of the solutions to a practice’s local Internet presence.
As if not more important is how Google ranks your practice locally in its Local Business results. These results are generally shown at the top of the search results page above the organic results.

In deeper discussions with these doctors and dentists, we’ve found that what they’re really interested in is having a “local internet presence”, which includes local ranking, organic ranking, and more.

You want to be seen in local search results as the dominant practice so that you have good results in at least both of these areas. All of which leads to more phone calls to your practice.

Being ranked in both takes special expertise, and the solutions are different for local results ranking and organic ranking.

Since 2008 we’ve focused exclusively on working with and helping local businesses (of many different types) in increasing their Local Internet Presence.

The results of achieving good results in these two areas are more patients, increased revenue, and a competitive advantage that makes it difficult for competitors to keep up.

If you’re looking to increase or improve your Local Internet Presence, schedule a complimentary 15 minute preliminary interview where we can review your existing situation and develop solutions to help you improve it.