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Online Reputation Repair/Online Reputation Marketing


Chances are you’ve already had this situation occur.

One of your patients or friends calls you to let you know they’ve just read a negative online review about you or your practice. Whether they found the negative review on Google, Yelp, or some other important online directory, you quickly realize that the review is public for all to see. What’s worse, you find the review online, and you quickly realize the person that wrote the review has never been a patient. Or maybe the review was written by a real patient, but you were unaware of the situation he or she discussed.

Since June, 2012, because of significant changes at Google, online reviews have been in public view for all to see.
Online reputation repair is an important part of online reputation marketing. We have had a number of clients come to us, some almost in tears, because their practice has been adversely affected by a negative online reputation or single review.

We’ve developed a number of solutions to the online reputation repair issue. And although we have automated a lot of the process, you can manually accomplish almost the same thing.

It starts with continually monitoring what people are saying about you online. There are well over several dozen sites that can post reviews about your practice. These need to be monitored regularly; our solution is to do it in real time.

When and if (I use the term “if” because we’ve found it’s only a matter of time before a negative review appears – you may have competitors who publish false reviews to hurt your practice – don’t laugh, it happens regularly) a negative review appears, understand that you normally can’t get the review removed.

But, and this is an important “but”, you need to respond in a professional manner and get your response posted. Our guideline is that we develop negative responses within 24 to 48 hours and send to our clients for their approval before we post them.

The critical part of this is to quickly respond in a professional manner. If the review is true, most people understand that there are always two sides to every story. If the review is false, it’s possible to word a response such that the reviewer is shown in his or her true light.

Our process starts with finding out where you stand. Then, we develop a solution to help you get to where you want to be.

Call us to let us know if you’d like us to generate a complimentary Customer Review Report. This report will show you the extent of any online reputation repair that needs to be done.