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Organizational Design

Your organization is growing and revenue is increasing, yet your bottom line is still suffering. You seem to be in a cycle of increased sales, and improved marketing, which elevates your company to a certain revenue level, and then backs down to formally obtained levels. At Developing Winners Associates we call that the constraints which keep your business from growing beyond where you are able to take it. Sound familiar? it should because this is a main issue with almost every company we work with. Your DW Organization Design Consultant is specifically trained in accessing your organizational dynamics and your leadership development level to determine where they key constraints lie in your quest for continued growth.

Organizational Dynamics Overview

During your initial company audit your DW Consultant will work with you to determine the specific areas, often in sales, marketing or operations which are a result of poor organizational design (Typically your organizational structure cannot handle your projected growth). You may be experiencing problems in non- production in your sales and marketing and you are having trouble tracking it. Poor organizational dynamics means there is no real clear path to improvement.

Your DW Consultant is also trained with you to examine your seven key marketing areas (Web Presence, Market Education, Public Relations, Advertising, Literature, Direct mail and Personal Sales Efforts) and then determine how those areas flow into your sales initiatives (Including Steps to the Sale, Up-sells/Down-sells, Repeat Customer Strategies, Referrals and more). Great organizational design pays attention to all of these areas and ensures there are proper systems and metrics are in place to support them and if appropriate this information can seve as a business start up guide for those just starting off.

Organizational Design Overview

Your DWA Consultant will work with you to improve your organizational design. Along with paying attention on the sales, marketing, and operations areas to ensure a smooth running and highly profitable business, your DWA Consultant will also focus on the leadership of the CEO and top executive team to make sure all the organizational dynamics are in order for your company to grow to the next level and way beyond. That may include a thorough audit of your organizational chart and your position description; making sure everything fits and all the reporting lines a clear with appropriate evaluation tools in place including Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) which are the key to a great organizational dynamics.

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