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Practice Metrics

thumbnail_canstockphoto13392920_15461748_1375327039 Your practice has improved sales and your profits should be increasing; yet your company is still struggling to make ends meet. You, as the owner, are frustrated because you wonder if you will ever make real money. Well, you are not alone. At Developing Winners Associates we deal with hundreds of companies and practices who look at how hard are they working, how well they do marketing and seemingly how well their sales staff is performing and still they are not making money. As your DWA Practice Metrics Consultant begins to analyze your business, it will become clear that tracking and measuring your management metrics is the key to producing revenue.

What does it mean to track your management metrics with highly trained operations consulting personnel? It’s easy, but often overlooked because you have to dive deep into performance and numbers, which many businesses will avoid. Your DWA Practice Metrics Consultant is trained to work with you at looking at up to 7 distinct areas of your marketing plan (Web Presence, Market Education, Public Relations, Advertising, Literature, Direct Mail, Personal Contacts) and then determining how they are working by looking at real numbers associated with each of them.

Practice Metrics Often Means the Difference Between Profitability and Failure

For example, your company is looking to build a lead conversion website. That means that the traffic coming into your website is turning into real business. Is that happening for you? If not, read on. Your DWA consultant is trained to help you analyze your layout, your design, and the key word phrases that are drawing traffic to your site, whether it is pay per click or organic search engine optimization. If you are paying someone to do this yet you are not getting results then please tell your DW consultant the issue and we will help you fix it. We help you determine a click through rate and a ROI of each term and determine whether the expense is worth it. Most companies slap a bunch of terms up there and really can’t say if they are drawing traffic or not. The DWA SEO department is an expert at helping you track the management metrics to ensure a great investment.

Let’s say you are having a problem in sales. Who doesn’t want more sales? So, we help you deep dive into three areas and track that with a highly functional CRM. The three areas are leads (Where do they come from, most don’t know and you are throwing away money if you don’t), appointments (Do you know how many of those leads are turning into real appointments) and closings (How many closings are you getting). Numbers don’t lie and neither do we. If there are issues that need to be fixed, we’ll know it and do it.

Your DWA Practice Metrics Consultant is trained to help you look at these management metrics and so many more. You can even employ this process as a practice start up guide, if indeed you are a qualified start up. Ask for a free mini-MRI today and find how to track what’s going on it your business, or become a member and join us for our “Build your Practices Hour” and let is hot seat you on how you track your practice metrics today. It’s free and it’s worth it.