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Practice Sales Growth

You are looking for “proven practice sales growth strategies.” Your sales are lagging and clients are fleeing and you are frustrated with the revenue you are getting. You need to get out of the theory and get answers that will really make a difference. A solid Practice Sales Development program that guarantees results as long as you put in the agreed to effort is what you are looking for, and that is why you came to Developing Winners.

There are three ways to get sales growth:

sales growth

  1. You can increase the number of people you bring into your practice and sell to
  2. You can increase the average transaction size
  3. You can increase the frequency that your clients buy

The chances are you will need to work on all three. We help you develop your sales growth plan that will allow you to increase market share and sales revenue.

There are several strategies that we call “lead generators” that serve as the base for your “new” Practice Sales Development program and will serve to increase the number of people you sell to. They are web development and search engine optimization; all designed to increase lead flow and get conversions.

Additionally, your sales growth DWA Practice Consultant will analyze your direct mail strategies and discuss how you can optimize your conversions by educating clients on your competitive advantage. We’ll add a cutting edge direct mail marketing campaign revolving around traditional mail methods, emails, video emails and diligent follow up phone calls. Throw in educational brochures with some additional “personal” sales strategies and you now have a massive marketing machine.

A competitive sales development program also includes auditing how your sales people sell. We audit how they execute the steps to the sale (leads, getting appointments and closings) and look for ways to include cross-sells, up-sells and more to increase the average transaction size.

Your DWA practice business plan consulting team is trained to take you through the entire auditing process to determine which of these initiatives are most important and when they need to be deployed. The engagement usually lasts a year to sixteen months with results varying based on whether you engage in coaching (we agree together what to do and you do it) or consulting (we agree on what to do and we do it for you).

Finally, you may need to increase the frequency that your clients buy. Your DWA Consultant is highly trained through the audit process to uncover strategies (frequent buyer programs, point systems, special membership privileges) that will kick-start your business to much greater success. Other companies are making millions using these proven strategies, why not your company?

Your sales growth is waiting. Why not ask for a free MRI today and find out how you can get started now with a world class sales development program, or join us for the weekly “Build Your Practice Hour” and let us help “you” grow your practice now.