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Practice Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Getting traffic to your website takes hard work and diligence, frequently with the help of a search engine optimization specialist.

By January 2013, the total number of websites on the Internet more than doubled in just 2 years (Netcraft). Over the same 2 year period the total number of searches across all search engines has remained unchanged (ComScore). This means you need to work twice as hard to attract visitors.

Organic search engine optimization or SEO if done correctly will bring in interested prospects as they search for you using Google and other search engines. Organic SEO refers to optimizing your site to come up in the natural search results (not the paid results).

SEO Audit

thumbnail_canstockphoto7597389_512278720_1374544318 The SEO audit is the first step for to boosting your Internet presence. Your SEO services company or search engine optimization specialist will always start with an audit of your present website even if you are building a new website. What goes into an SEO audit?

Technical Problems: These are things that would prevent your website from getting top rankings. This could be an all Flash website, a site built in frames or a website that is all graphics with little or no text. There could be spamming methods such as hidden text (white text on a white background), cloaking, keyword stuffing, etc.

Website Review: The website itself is looked at for number of pages, current traffic volume, Title tags, H1s, and the number of pages that could be optimized. The number and quality of inbound links as well as what anchor text is being used to link back the website.

Keywords: The SEO services company assesses what keyword phrases are currently attracting traffic. What are your website’s current search positions?

Practice Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Keyword Selection: You will want to carefully select keywords that will attract your best buyers, people searching for what you offer. When people search on a search engine, what are they searching for? Generally speaking, people search because they have a question to be answered, information to research or something to buy.

Using Keywords on your website. This starts with preparing a keyword page plan where 1-2 words are assigned for each page. Keywords will be used with optimal frequency and positions in page headlines, text content, hyperlinks, etc.

New Content: You will need to regularly add new pages, videos and keyword rich text. Many times adding a blog to your website is the right answer.

Successful websites start with strategy. Contact DWA today to get started with your free mini-website assessment. We can help you with attracting the best website traffic from start to finish.