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Strategic Planning

strategic planning Your practice has plateaued in revenue and you are looking for proven methods to help propel your practice forward. You have many ideas floating “out there” that could work, but which way do you go? It is clear that you need to embark on strategic planning and you would be wise to team with a strategic planning consultant to get the job done.

Strategic planning comes in many different forms and at Developing Winners Associates we are experts on focusing on our sweet spot and that is our “Core three,” as we call it: sales and marketing, operations, and leadership. We have worked with many hundreds of clients over the years ensuring a sound strategic plan that includes major emphasis in those areas. In fact, your DWA consultant will perform a complete audit of your company in the sales and marketing, operations and the leadership areas of your business to determine the best plan to assist you in moving your business forward.

Your strategic planning session with your DW small practice consulting firm will begin with a complete audit of up to seven distinct areas of your marketing, including your Web Presence (Company Website, Blogs, SEO, SEM, Affiliate Marketing, Online Partners, PPC, Squeeze Pages), Market Education (Education Seminars, Education Webinars, Education Training), Public Relations (Press Releases, Speaking Engagements, Articles, Blogging, Social Site Articles), Advertising (Radio, TV, Print Ads, Magazine, Billboard, Text Ads), Literature (Brochure, White Papers, Cut Sheets), Direct Mail (Letters, Postcards, Email, Top 100 Campaign, and Personal (Cold Call – Walk In, Cold Call – Telephone, Trade Show, Product/Service Seminars).

From this audit we build several strategies, starting with the low hanging fruit to the more advanced initiatives and we apply “profit estimations” to each initiative. We will show you how much revenue you might make if you are determined to do so. A DWA strategic planning consultant is highly trained in the area of strategic planning and has an impressive track record of producing results.

These seven distinct areas of marketing form the base of your strategic planning session but it doesn’t end there. After we have determined the marketing and sales initiatives that form the base of your strategic strategy we then dive into the operations side of your business and make sure we have the proper systems and metrics to support your marketing and sales initiatives. This is a highly overlooked aspect of strategic planning and is vital for the growth of your company. It is what a great DW strategic planning consultant does best!

Finally, we round off the development of your strategic plan with and audit of your leaders and we develop a strategy to assist them in becoming the leader that will take your company to the next level and beyond. Your plan may include leadership seminars and webinars as well as mastermind groups (You are together with 7-10 top executives all over the world) problem solving key leadership, sales and marketing and operations issues.

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