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Success Stories

  • Dr. Abdulghani Amro – Merced Family Dental Care

    You opened my eyes to many things that I did not know about. I was focused on fixing people’s teeth … I keep looking for more…

  • Business Consulting: OB GYN Medical Clinic, Manteca, Ca.

    Jon rocks! No question he is putting me on the right track. I am glad I called him. He is opening my eyes to what I need to do…

  • Video Marketing: Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Care Paradise Valley, Az

    “The whole video development experience with Bob Chesney was wonderful! It was more than I expected.

  • Business Consulting: President of Habersham Home Furniture Located In Taccoa, Georgia

    The great thing about working with Jon is he is a listener first. He uses two ears and one mouth and is very effective….

  • Business Consulting: Temporary Modular Structures, New York City

    Jon has taught me the principle of how to run a company and grow it significantly for long term profitability….

  • Business Consulting: President & CEO Parkway Auto

    Joe Roth has been instrumental in helping me grow my business for the first time we met it felt like I’ve known him for 20 years!

  • Video Marketing: Attorney at Law

    I checked everwhere. Chesney Communicates is extremely reasonable and does great work!