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Video Marketing Services For Your Practice

You have come to the Video Marketing Services page because you know videos have taken the internet by storm, yet you haven’t figured out how to use videos to best accelerate your marketing and sales initiatives for your practice. Keep reading as you have come to the right web page for video marketing consulting and video SEO services.

Consider this:

canstockphoto8796980 The statistics on video on your website are really eye-opening. What was once a “good idea” (video marketing services) is now a proven standard for maximizing the impact of your website and practice. You can accomplish that through our professional Video SEO Services getting you higher placement with Google, Yahoo and Bing.


  • More than half (52%) of all web traffic is video according to e-Marketer.
  • 70% of all web visitors watch online video and You Tube visitors watch 27 minutes a day on average.

So, it’s obvious that a website without video is about as worthless as a brochure floating around in cyberspace.

The question is how do you create video content that accomplishes your practice marketing goals?

Let’s assume those goals center around generating leads, or outright selling a product or service. So here’s three “dirty little secrets” that no one, but us will tell you.

  • First, Videos either Yell, Tell, Smell or Sell and you need to choose ONE. Just check out a video on YouTube and after watching it, make a personal determination. Most will SMELL, the others will YELL and TELL…But few will SELL.
  • Second, because your audience has the attention span of a gnat, if you don’t engage them in the first 10 seconds, they’re gone. Again, do your own research, use your I-Phone stopwatch and click off when you’re disengaged.
  • Third, an educational approach to your videos will do far more to building trust than a blatant sales pitch. That’s why you’re still watching. Look for a proven video marketing services company to help you do this. This will also do wonders for your Video SEO.

Now that you know the three secrets, how do you take advantage of them without spending a king’s ransom? The simple answer is you make a decision to either “re-invent the wheel,” go out and buy a bunch of gear and become a producer of your own videos…

Or you look for a strategic partner who takes a long-term relationship position with your business and can help you grow. It’s a lot like “bootsrapping” a business with your life savings or interesting a venture capitalist on investing in you. When you invest in the right video marketing services and video SEO services you are investing on the very future of your business.

Video Marketing Services

Welcome Videos: These are used on the home page of your website. This video is short 30 seconds to 2 min. Use this video to welcome and orient visitors to your practice website. It provides a face and shows there is a real person behind your practice. You can use this video to direct them to the next step.

About Us Videos: This video is designed for your About Us page. Use it to tell your story. If yours is a single physician practice, you can personalize the video and tell your story. Use this video to talk about specialties, your passion for quality care or what makes your practice stand out from others.

Patient Testimonial Videos: Allow your patients to give testimony about how you helped them. It is powerful when people talk about their personal experience with you and your staff. They can describe how the treatment they received made an impact in their live. This provides the social proof of the excellent care you provide.

Educational Videos: Educate patients about the procedures that you and your staff do. It is much more powerful when you or your staff explain and teach about a procedure. It positions your practice as the expert.

2 Min Pitch: We have developed a highly effective formula to market just about anything within about 2 minutes. We demonstrate the pain or problem, present the solution followed by social proof to show that the solution really works.

DVD Products: We video a live event and then produce the video into a digital or DVD product that you can sell or give away as a promotion.

Developing Winners video marketing services division led by Bob Chesney with over 53 years of video development stands ready to serve you now. If you want to explore the possibilities, schedule a free 30 minute min-MRI today or join us soon for the “Build Your Practice Hour”.