It really is about the simple things. For your website to get the best results, you have to give your visitors what they want. Website marketing should be based on a clear understanding of why your visitors are coming to your website. All you have to do is help them with what they are looking for and entice them to take the next step.

Buyer psychology takes a clear understanding of who your prospects are. Understanding what they are searching for. Present an irresistible offer that will cause them to take action. Here are the 5 A’s of website marketing and conversion.

Website Marketing Strategy

Audience: You need to know who your best prospects are and what motivates them. What problems are they facing? What are their triggers that will cause them to take action? Where do they spend time searching for answers?

Attraction: People search for solutions to a problem or a need. They will use search engines and use either organic search results or paid search advertisements. Either way they search using keyword phrases.

Approach: When they arrive to your site, greet them with the solution they are seeking. Demonstrate that you have the best solution by clearly showing your advantages and benefits. Guide them down your selling sequence.

Assurance: Build trust at every step. Start with a professional and credible looking website. Reassure with the use of trust logos, privacy policy, testimonials and return policies. Show your phone number and address on every page showing that you are a real business.

Action: Provide a clear and visible path to action. Make it very easy to signup, request information or buy from you. Position your call your action above the fold and make it stand out. Make it very compelling and irresistible.

Website marketing starts with a clear understanding of your best buyers, their motivations and their triggers. The best websites are simple and focused, making it easy to take action. They provide trust building elements that answer the question “Why should I trust you?”